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God Sent Something Better

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God Sent Something Better was born from my own ​little girl heart. I was six years old and wondered why God ​didn’t answer my urgent prayers. Was it my fault? Was I ​too bad? Didn’t God love me?

As an adult working in children’s ministry, I recognized ​that same pain mirrored in the eyes of some of those I ​served.

I am so thankful as I remember the unique animals that ​God brought into our lives. Their equally unusual names, ​habits and skills brought so many smiles.

Thank you, God, for the richness you brought to us.

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Congratulations Isaac Straub!

Winner of the Beta Reader Art Contest

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Dark scratched wooden frame, billboard or white horizontal rectangle

When asked what his favourite part of the manuscript was and why?

Isaac answered...

"I really liked the pancake part. It was funny reading about trying to bathe a dog. (We have 2 dogs)."

Thank you so much to all the amazing Beta Readers

for your input on the book

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Used with permission from his mom

Angela (Ang) McCoy

Originally born in Canterbury, Kent, England, Angela now lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She was born into poverty but used her imagination to escape her circumstances.

Angela spent several years as a Sunday School teacher. It was there she honed her storytelling craft. She created many characters to teach the lessons. The children loved to show up each week to see who was teaching. Would it be one of several clowns, unusual ladies or gents, or a beloved Bible personality?

Due to health challenges, Angela is isolated at home. Her breathing and speech are often laboured, but she is recapturing her voice by finding joy in writing.

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